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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The razor of love

The razor of love....

There is a priciple in science called "Occam's Razor", it states:

"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate" [Eng trans. "Plurality should not be posited without necessity.]

In a more general sense it is a process which leaves only the hypotheses which assume the least. Applied to love, specifically the love I feel for my girlfriend, it gets a bit complicated.

According to Occam's Razor I must choose the simplest explanations for the feelings I experience for Amber. So far, I have these few:

  1. I love her because she loves me. (1 assumption; "Amber loves me")
  2. I love her because I can see myself with her for a very long time. (2 assumptions; "I will live a long time" and "We will always be together")
  3. I love her because she would make a wonderful mother. (3 assumptions; "I am able to create a child", "Amber is able to create a child", "Amber wants to have a child")
  4. I love her because consider her a beautiful person. (0 assumptions)
It would seem as though the only two hypotheses that can be vaild are 1 and 4. Strictly speaking the only hypothesis that is valid would be 4.

So I guess there it is, putting my piercingly logical mind to the conumdrum of my love of Amber, I come to this answer.

I love Amber because I consider her a beautiful person.

Again I say, I am her fanboy or if you will otaku.

Love j00 Amber

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Saturday, February 05, 2005

When all is sealed and signed

Neuroticfish - Prostitute

This is not a noble game
It's also not the price of fame
Expect that I may lie
About the things you have to try
You always see me from behind
Always think that I am kind
Expect that I may see
Whatever you have planned for me

When all is sealed and signed
You prostitute your mind
When all is sealed and signed

This is not a noble game
And I am not the one to blame
Feel free to conquer me
But what you want I'll never be
The little things you want to know
Make me big and make me grow
Expect you'll never see
The face behind my decency

When all is sealed and signed
You prostitute your mind
When all is sealed and signed

Asimo will be a weapon

For my tens of readers, Asimo is a self contained bipedal robot. There are some that maintain that Honda will not create 'warbots'.

I maintain they will, there's too much money in war not to, however I also think they will eventually also sell one used for sexual gratification.

Humans... If we can't fuck it, we'll blow it up, or use it to blow up something else.

By the way, this is a photoshop hack job, not too bad, but one none the less
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