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Friday, April 29, 2005


This post is in response to things said in this article: Bruised in Bentonville

Thank you people of California for passing the Environmental Quality Act.

So I have a question, "Scott"; Wal-Fart is compared to the the automobile or the light bulb how? Comparing a retailer to any new technology that changes the way people think. Is like...OH! I got it. You have enabled your customes to be dumber then most of the furniture you sell. This has enabled you to start createing private labels (like President's Choice and No Name), for cheaper then anything that US can provide so you begin sending the manufactoring to China. Which closes companies based in the US, which in turn closes the maufactoring plants, which means manufactoring layoffs (including all the executive, marketing, PR, secretary, legal, mailroom, IT, trucking, customer service, and janitorial jobs).

I am an socio-anarchist. I do not think any body should be higher then the populace. However, if the populace wants a republic then that is ok with me. It just needs to watch what it allows people to do. As is the case of Wal-Fart, the people you and I are not watching these huge "Corpeople". Corporations are considered "people" and are protected under the 14th amendment, and that I think is the thing that needs to change.

The way socitey should be:
Thucydides: Pericles' Funeral Oration

URLs for anti Wal-Fart sites:
http://www.walmartworkersneo.com/ (NE Ohio is one of those places dear to my heart)

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Unwelcome Guests - "Peak Oil, Relocalization and the New Agrarian Movement (Ep 251)"
From: a-Infos Radio Project ( hxxp://www.radio4all.net )


Thursday, April 28, 2005


Same shit, same smell, different week.

I was off from work yesterday and wrote this while my spinach lasagna was cooking:

We live in a time of uncertainty, but one of promise. I mean, sweet christ, we have people in space 24/7 now, a bipedal self propelled robot, you can hold a conversation with somebody 24/7 that may or may not like you, make music using your brain as the instrument, control the weather, can send holograms, we have created marketable movies based on computer graphics alone, extremely close to massive amount of cheap clean power, getting better at space flights, and many many other good oddities that 20 (within my lifetime) years ago could only be found in a sci-fi comic book.

Yet I don't think these things will be where the crux of where the good progress lies. I think it's in projects like Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Open Source, Folding@Home, and other distributed/peer to peer type of information leaping.

I term it "Information Leaping". Storing data in a form that is quickly editable by anybody, quickly creating a new form of the data. Thereby, not having to re-invent the "wheel" 15 times, or even asking the person that created the "wheel" if a change would be necessary. Anyway, gotta run.

Man this post has some serious linkage.


Mind.In.A.Box - "Lost Alone 2"
From: Personal Music Library

Upset (I was somewhat red-green color blind and recently I have been losing more and more red.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Will work for viewpoints

As you can tell I have been adding a lot of stuff to this place, filling it out a bit, adding the random quote thing on the side... etc etc... I know it's small changes but you know how that goes... baby steps

If anybody reading this knows of a random quote generator script/blogger hack that doesn't have to sit in the page and can be accessed from another place then I'd be grateful. I'll officially make you one of my commandcenter minions for when I destroy the world.

I have a few ideas and I'm not sure on them... I guess could ask about them, but do it so I get advice without divulging info.

Mind Experiment Senario: You are very adamant about a subject about a topic that society is decidedly against. You can make good valid arguments about the subject, as well as it supporting subjects. You know however the only way to get a little respect as a valid thinker on the topic is to publicly proport as a follower of this ideology. This means you will be immediately ostracize from society due to the stigma. Do you do what you think in your heart is right and be a spokesman; or do you lie down to society's wishes?

I really need a good amount of viewpoints on this to make a decision, so please comment on this. Thanks.


Terence Martin - "Folding Chairs"
From: FolkAlley.com


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My Da

My Da is a great man. I wish people were more like him. Funny, intelligent, loving in his way, and did I mention funny?

He had been diagnosed with cancer about 6 or so months ago. This was devastating, but no quite as much as finding out that my Da didn't want me by his side. I now understand why he didn't want me to go from Austin TX to Youngstown OH, as I did need to take care of things down here.

Now, he has had a complication with the type of cancer he has, superior vena cava syndrome.

An excerpt from the link above concerning mortality:
In contrast, patients with untreated malignant SVCS survive only approximately 30 days.

The Docs cannot treat it, it'd cause too many other complications. So 30 days.

Needless to say, I am smashed...[pout]

So I'm taking a greyhound from Austin TX to Youngstown OH, it'll take awhile about a day, but I don't care...

I just want to see him and give him a huge hug.

I need an addiction

I sooo need some type of addiction.. I mean something healthy.. like Viagra or even a bit o' the rock. Yea, healthy.

No really, these addictions need to be handled before they handle me:
drugs (this is both legal and illegal, to include caffeine, nicotine, THC, DXM, and others)
P2P filesharing

Addictive substances should always be kept at some kind of arms length, but that's the struggle I guess...

Somebody please reply to this, as I want to know if there really little gnomes behind bright glass or if the gnomes are all a figment of an overactive imagination.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

"Awake" - Assemblage 23

Awake - Assemblage 23

I am lost
The footprints that I left have disappeared
For now I am driving blind

Without a destination to welcome me
This road is just an endless loop

Every time I close my eyes
The noise inside me amplifies
I can't escape
I relive every moment of the day
Every misstep I have made
Finds a way it can invade
My every thought
And this is why I find myself awake

The letters on the signs have long since faded
The sky conspires to swallow me

Paid the price
For burning all the maps to warm myself
I threw their ashes to the wind

Every time I close my eyes
The noise inside me amplifies
I can't escape
I relive every moment of the day
Every misstep I have made
Finds a way it can invade
My every thought
And this is why I find myself awake

Walk away
Time to leave the realm of the familiar
To find a place where sleep can come

For one last time I shout into the sky
To wake the ones I'll leave behind

Every time I close my eyes
The noise inside me amplifies
I can't escape
I relive every moment of the day
Every misstep I have made
Finds a way it can invade
My every thought
And this is why I find myself awake


That sounds exactly like the way my mind works...

I recently saw them at Elysium which was their Austin show.

One sentence:

Assemblage 23 is the best musical group in the world.

Buy their CDs.. buy their T-shirts... tell your friends to go see the show. In closing, I like Assemblage 23.
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