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Friday, April 29, 2005


This post is in response to things said in this article: Bruised in Bentonville

Thank you people of California for passing the Environmental Quality Act.

So I have a question, "Scott"; Wal-Fart is compared to the the automobile or the light bulb how? Comparing a retailer to any new technology that changes the way people think. Is like...OH! I got it. You have enabled your customes to be dumber then most of the furniture you sell. This has enabled you to start createing private labels (like President's Choice and No Name), for cheaper then anything that US can provide so you begin sending the manufactoring to China. Which closes companies based in the US, which in turn closes the maufactoring plants, which means manufactoring layoffs (including all the executive, marketing, PR, secretary, legal, mailroom, IT, trucking, customer service, and janitorial jobs).

I am an socio-anarchist. I do not think any body should be higher then the populace. However, if the populace wants a republic then that is ok with me. It just needs to watch what it allows people to do. As is the case of Wal-Fart, the people you and I are not watching these huge "Corpeople". Corporations are considered "people" and are protected under the 14th amendment, and that I think is the thing that needs to change.

The way socitey should be:
Thucydides: Pericles' Funeral Oration

URLs for anti Wal-Fart sites:
http://www.walmartworkersneo.com/ (NE Ohio is one of those places dear to my heart)

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Unwelcome Guests - "Peak Oil, Relocalization and the New Agrarian Movement (Ep 251)"
From: a-Infos Radio Project ( hxxp://www.radio4all.net )



Blogger Reverend X said...

Tweak-mart sells all the ingredients for production of amphetimines and explosives at it's 24/7 economic Development zone stores, yet stands in moral righteousness refusing to carry art of any kind. Course, they will sell the pedophilic "kids bop" albums with disney esque music pounding original sleazy lyrics of pop stars.

Blogger Gordon said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

to all you haters!!!!!!!!!! get a life!!! open your eyes!!! what about those of you who go to walmart with no receipts and expect to be taken care of. do you think best buy, target or any other palce will!!! Heck NO!!!!!!!!! But yet you make our Job harder because your haters of life it self!!!!!!!!! And your cheap!!! you dont no so you break it and say " Well walmart is a big company they can afford to eat it" You should be ashamed...... I have seen it for so many years that i am sick and its not just there I have worked for other retailers that you blog and you do the same. you just live to complain.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so you know i agree. I have seen some people inside there and they make a big deal about nothing. I seen someone complain because an associate was being nice. She said " Yes Mam" to the person and the person said she was being sarcastic. Damn haters


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