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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Same shit, same smell, different week.

I was off from work yesterday and wrote this while my spinach lasagna was cooking:

We live in a time of uncertainty, but one of promise. I mean, sweet christ, we have people in space 24/7 now, a bipedal self propelled robot, you can hold a conversation with somebody 24/7 that may or may not like you, make music using your brain as the instrument, control the weather, can send holograms, we have created marketable movies based on computer graphics alone, extremely close to massive amount of cheap clean power, getting better at space flights, and many many other good oddities that 20 (within my lifetime) years ago could only be found in a sci-fi comic book.

Yet I don't think these things will be where the crux of where the good progress lies. I think it's in projects like Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Open Source, Folding@Home, and other distributed/peer to peer type of information leaping.

I term it "Information Leaping". Storing data in a form that is quickly editable by anybody, quickly creating a new form of the data. Thereby, not having to re-invent the "wheel" 15 times, or even asking the person that created the "wheel" if a change would be necessary. Anyway, gotta run.

Man this post has some serious linkage.


Mind.In.A.Box - "Lost Alone 2"
From: Personal Music Library

Upset (I was somewhat red-green color blind and recently I have been losing more and more red.)


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