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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The razor of love

The razor of love....

There is a priciple in science called "Occam's Razor", it states:

"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate" [Eng trans. "Plurality should not be posited without necessity.]

In a more general sense it is a process which leaves only the hypotheses which assume the least. Applied to love, specifically the love I feel for my girlfriend, it gets a bit complicated.

According to Occam's Razor I must choose the simplest explanations for the feelings I experience for Amber. So far, I have these few:

  1. I love her because she loves me. (1 assumption; "Amber loves me")
  2. I love her because I can see myself with her for a very long time. (2 assumptions; "I will live a long time" and "We will always be together")
  3. I love her because she would make a wonderful mother. (3 assumptions; "I am able to create a child", "Amber is able to create a child", "Amber wants to have a child")
  4. I love her because consider her a beautiful person. (0 assumptions)
It would seem as though the only two hypotheses that can be vaild are 1 and 4. Strictly speaking the only hypothesis that is valid would be 4.

So I guess there it is, putting my piercingly logical mind to the conumdrum of my love of Amber, I come to this answer.

I love Amber because I consider her a beautiful person.

Again I say, I am her fanboy or if you will otaku.

Love j00 Amber


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