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Friday, November 19, 2004

Feeling a bit alone

Things are going great on the JB ranch, don't get me wrong.

I got my stuff yesterday :D

A new shirt and a new hat

but for some reason I feel alone...

I have a girlfriend of two years, Amber. I mean c'mon I'm still her fanboy for christ sake's. So everything is good there

...but I still feel alone...

I thought it might have to do with friends, but I have a good friend now, my roomate Hans.

...but I still feel alone...

I talk to my family in Ohio often, and for long periods of time.

...but I still feel alone...

And not the alone, in a room full of people, alone. I kinda feel like a kid trapped in a man's body and all those responsibilities, but all I want to do is play with my thoughts and ideas like toys. Which, is by the way, the only place in the world I feel comfortable.

and on that note....


Blogger mercerblues said...

Shake Me By The Shoulder - Da
All I need is someone to awaken me,
much of me has gone to sleep and I'm afraid to wake up.
Shake me by the shoulder, thats laying with you now
we can talk about the times I was awake.
Why's it so hard to face the day

When I think of all of those, thats taken me
how much do I get to keep and how much should I give up
Shake me by the shoulder, thats laying with you now
help me listen to the light inside my head

who can hurt you when your dead
Fear of people is the thing I hate
I travel in a bubble and I cant relate
Somethings happening to my head
I dont wanna hurt you, but I never heard a word you said

Could it be this hollow heart, has forsaken me
I wonder if I'll ever get to feel like I did before I grew up
Shake me by the shoulder thats laying with you now
There is no time to waste another day
Come and watch me fly away

Blogger The Suicidal Machine said...

love it....

Thanks Da


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