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Sunday, September 10, 2006

bleh :d

Holy shit it's been a long time since posting here.

I know there isn't one person who reads this so I'm like, fuck it, this is kinda just a personal journal anyway. One of those single blips of noise in the sea of blogging.

Well, I'll keep updating as long as I can, I might think of something one day that will make me famous... or not.

The amount of people commenting on my blog almost makes me think there's something to Solipsism

Mindless Self Indulgence - "Molly"

>molly was a good girl and she knew the reasons why
>so when she went back in the bathroom she would never come
>outside she was a good girl and it felt great to be a liar
>she was a good girl and it felt great to be a liar

bleh :d


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what solipsism?

Blogger ipso said...

unfortunately my friends and I all find your website very boring.


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