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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boot Camp stealing thunder from 10.5?

I have a question for Apple.

Is the whole Boot Camp thing the only thunder for 10.5 Leopard? That is, other then some smaller functionality features. I say, I hope not.

See here's the thing, Apple decided to forgo EFI BIOS compatibility in the new Intel chip systems upon release, but as it's EFI it could be flashed in later. Therefore, they could have created "artificial" thunder for 10.5 by leaving the compatibility out until the Steve Job's MacWorld release announcement for 10.5. Can you imagine if the OnMac project did not exist and there was this huge need for Windows on Mac, MacWorld '07 is upon us.

Steve Jobs walks out on stage and says "I've got great news... With 10.5... Windows now boots on a Mac...And it ships today."

I'd go as far as saying he would get a standing ovation.

For validity to that statement, think about this, when has Apple EVER released a public Beta test?

As an aside, some people have said that this strengthens the validity of a virtualization option in 10.5. I think it does too as WinXP cannot read from HFS+ drive/partitions, and you need an intstalled copy of WinXP anyway to virtualize it. So this might be not totally stealing the thunder of 10.5.

I guess what I'm saying is, did Apple purposefully keep this boot loader from people? Just something to think about.

Covenant - "On World One Sky"
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Applethetic ;)


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