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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mind Experiment Scenario

This is a repost from another earlier post.

It's important to me and I'll try to keep it at the top looking for comments on my subject.

Mind Experiment Scenario: You are very adamant about a subject about a topic that society is decidedly against. You can make good valid arguments about the subject, as well as it supporting subjects. You know however the only way to get a little respect as a valid thinker on the topic is to publicly proport as a follower of this ideology. This means you will be immediately ostracized from society AND FROM YOUR FAMILY due to the stigma. Do you do what you think in your heart is right and be a spokesman; or do you lie down to society's wishes?

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Anonymous Tlango said...

Seeing as I wouldn't have the strenght to stand on my own feet, I would lie down to society's wishes. Though I actually wish I could do what I think is right.


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