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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mayday... Mayday... Mayday...


Do your fucking happy celebrating already, May Day is here!

One of the few good holidays for the people. It signifies spring, new beginnings, and people dancing around a maypole. The whole maypole thing may sound outdated, but it still happens in many countries, which is used for a variety of reasons, mainly to bring the community together.

In 1886 a gathering of striking workers was organized by labor unions. They were striking/protesting for the 8 hour workday. A riot broke out, a bomb went off, which led to violence, and the shooting of a protester by a policemen. The demonstration is now dubbed The Haymarket Riots

In 1887 there was a movement to commemorate the day on behalf of labor making a holiday on May 1. Oh wait... no Grover Cleveland made sure that wasn't going to happen. He decided to not use that day because he didn't want the socialist connotations that came with the Haymarket Riots


The hijacking of the collective Our holidays has always been a hot button topic for me so I guess I'll rant and rave like the internet lunatic you people think I am.

Here's a list of the holidays I am fucking pissed about:

  • Christmas - Not because it's christian, it's because it has been fucking commercialized, like too many other things the American cesspool spawned trans-national corporations got their hands on.

  • Hanukkah - Because the jews are allowing this to become the same thing that Christmas has.

  • Labor Day - The fake one, on September 5. It weakens the power inherent in the Haymarket riots.

  • St. Patrick's Day The day is mostly Beer/Liquor fluff. I am Irish, in fact, 100% if not more. But this holiday is outta-hand.

Grrrrr.... sorry even thinking about them pisses me off.

So remember then fallen of the Haymarket riots, and those who have fought in the workers behalf.

Happy May Day. Celebrate the fact that things can still change for the better.

Limp Bizkit - "Counterfeit"
Fuck you, I liked their first album.

Bladder... full... must ... go... awww shit. brb


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